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With over 25 years of service to power generation industry, ABT has produced and developed a vast range of products and services for our customers. In addition to our core manufacturing items, boiler tubing & boiler replacement products, ABT provides the following:

• Tubes: Straight, Studded, Finned, Swaged
• Castings: Clamps, Ties, Spacer,
Alignment Clamps, Hangers
• Tube Shields
• Air Heater Couplings and Ferrules
• Dissimilar Welds

• Emergency Tube and Pipe Bending (24/7)
• Boiler Openings
• Supply Tubes
• Generating Banks
• Loops
• Hairpin Bends

Tubes, Heaters, Boiler Openings, Loops, Bends

ABT is a global supplier of components to industrial and power generation industries. With over 25 years of manufacturing experience, we provide the highest quality products and services to the following industries:

• Electric Generation
• Pulp and Paper
• Refining and Chemical
• Municipal
• Government and Defense

With our goal to meet the varied and complex needs of our customers, ABT has developed unique manufacturing methods and equipment that enable us to provide high quality, dependable fabrications.

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