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Investment Casting

ABT produces custom designed castings for industrial use according to ASME, ASTM and
ISO standards. With advanced technology, rich experience, and mass production capability, we are
able to offer cost-effective castings of the highest quality.

Investment Casting

Investment Casting Process
Castings are produced by surrounding or investing an expendable pattern (Wax, Sodium Silicate,
Silica Sol, etc) with a refractory slurry coating. The pattern is removed through the use of heat prior
to filling the mold with liquid metal. ABT integrates product and mold design, mass production
and after-cast precision machining.

Investment Castings have several advantages over other manufacturing processes.
• Extensive range of raw materials
• Complicated structure
• Good surface finish
• Tight tolerance

Cast Material
Carbon, Tool, Alloy, Stainless Steel, and non-ferrous steel such as Aluminum, Copper base, etc.

Typical Size Range

oz. - 100 lbs (1000 lbs max.)

Dimensional Tolerance
±.003" (as cast)

Surface Roughness
63-125 RMS (as cast)

Surface Finish
• Polishing
• Rust protective oil or paint
• Plating (zinc, chrome, etc)
• Anodizing

• Product and mold design
• Mold making
• Casting
• Heat treatment, Machining, Polishing, Coating, Assembly
• Testing & Quality Control

• Provides Spacer, Hangers, and Handcuffs
• Mining and road machines
• Valves and Piping parts
• Petroleum, shipping, and railroad industries
• Automobile and motorcycle parts
• Mechanical and Electrical parts, Hardware
• Industrial and Agricultural machinery parts



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